Facts About Wine Consumption In The USA

The Five Top Selling Varietals

A recent Forbes survey revealed that the seven most popular varietals are: 1) Cabernet Sauvignon, 2)  Chardonnay  3) Merlot, 4) Pinot Grigio, 5) Pinot Noir, 6) Chianti and 7) Pink Moscato.

According to the last Nielsen scan data report in 2014, Americans, as a percent of the dollar volume of wine sold, preferred red wine at 51%, white wine at 46% with all other varietals comprising just 3% of total volume of wine sold.

2.  Where Do Americans Buy Their Wine?

In another study by Sonoma State University it was shown that Americans buy wine most frequently at wine/liquor stores, followed by grocery stores, and then at discount or warehouse stores, such as Costco, Target, or Walmart.

3.  What Is The Common Price Paid For A Bottle Of Wine?

The most common price point is $10-$15 per bottle to drink at home and $20-$30 per bottle when dining out. However, when it comes to restaurants, 21 percent of the sample said they prefer to buy wine by the glass for $5-$10 per glass. Only 16 percent reported buying organic wine.

4.  How Do Most Americans Decide On Which Wine To Buy?

When going to the store to buy a bottle of wine, research showed that most Americans consider first the variety of grape, then the price, and only then the brand. A full 38 percent will make a decision based on how attractive the label is — not a surprising fact given there are almost 70,000 labels on the market. Many rely on the recommendation of friends or store employees in making a choice.

With 76 percent of American wine drinkers owning a smart phone the social media also helps them make purchasing decisions, 

5.  After A Wine Is Purchased In a Store, When Does A Customer Consume It?

A major wine retailer questioned their customers and learned that 50% purchase their wine and drank it all in a few hours, 42% totally consumed it within 48 hours and the balance of 8% hold onto their wines for indefinite periods.

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